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  • The Scottish Motor Club – 2010 Calendar of Events

    There have been some inquiries regarding the Scottish Motor Club’s Calendar of Events this year.  An abbreviated version: Heartland International Tattoo, Sears Center, Hoffman Estates, Illinois Saturday, 10 April, 2010 www.heartlandtattoo.org This event is being in conjunction with members of the British Car Union, Lotus Corps Chicago and the Rolls Royce Owners Club / Lake […]

  • A Mini that needs someone else to love…

    Parting ways can be very hard, especially for a car like my Mini.  But it’s time.  I need to let go of it and find someone new to give it some loving.  Affectionately kept, it’s a 1977 “R” registration (with British plates) Mini Clubman Estate.  The serial badge says that it was made by Austin-Morris.  […]

  • A Mini meets a really big Cadillac

    Harlem and Divison Auto Repair in Oak Park looks after my Mini.  Bob, John & staff take good care of it for me.  They work on all kinds of cars, people seem to bring their “unique” cars there for service. In taking my Mini to Harlem and Division the other day, it was noted that while I […]

  • Everyone wants to be called an Architect

    A recent television news series spoke of development of a new electric automobile.  It appeared odd that the person interviewed wore the title of “Product Development Architect”.  Many in the software industry also wear titles denoting some sort of “architect”, though they’ve never been exposed to issues dealing with public well being, building envelope issues, […]

  • If Buildings Could Walk…

    A previous post described “if walls could talk”, but what about if buildings could walk? It’s not that far fetched an idea.  Taking cues from the railroad industry, it wasn’t uncommon at the turn of the 20th century to find fixed structures – buildings – with large moving parts.  Bridges were prime examples.  It took […]

  • A Change in the Weather…

    Last year at this time, the weather in Chicago seemed practically like summer.  It gave rise to theories of global warming. But it was absolutely beautiful weather. This year, it has come to be very chilly, very suddenly.  No global warming this year. Take this year’s Columbus Day Parade – which actually celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving, […]

  • One Last Bit about the Morning Commute

    Just to wrap up the past couple posts: When North American cities were first developing, we commuted on foot.  It had its limitations, was endured during inclement weather, but gave us exercise. Various forms of mass transit came to be, which allowed for a larger commute area.  The commute in to work became something social: […]

  • Is your morning commute still fun to drive?

    Time was, driving was a fun recreation.  From a casual Sunday excursion, to a cross country trip, to something energetic like Nascar racing, the experience generated by being catapulted through ever changing scenery was exciting. Automotive design enhanced the experience. Swooping masses of sheet metal clad in bright colours, outlined in shiny chrome, housed behemoth […]

  • Other Coach Houses in Oak Park

    Once, in a fit to buy an inexpensive though highly presentable company car for my practice, I came across a restored 1965 Chrysler Crown Imperial convertible.  Trouble is, we live on that side of Oak Park where garages are accessible off of alleys; our alley surveys at sixteen feet (about 5.2) metres across.  I thought […]

  • Another British Car Question

    During a recent Scottish Motor Club event, a visitor asked the question “what cars are there are still British made and British owned?”  2003 Lotus Elise We rattled off all sorts of British companies and marques with disappoint results.  MG isn’t.  Jaguar and Rover are both owned by the Indian company, TATA.  For the moment, […]