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  • Architecture in Motion

    A colleague described a project in Atlanta years ago.  It was a building sited off of an expressway.  Although the building was envisioned to have the typical sort of menu of architectural experiences – approach, enter, inhabit – it was noted that most people would experience this building differently.  Most would experience this building while […]

  • Is your morning commute still fun to drive?

    Time was, driving was a fun recreation.  From a casual Sunday excursion, to a cross country trip, to something energetic like Nascar racing, the experience generated by being catapulted through ever changing scenery was exciting. Automotive design enhanced the experience. Swooping masses of sheet metal clad in bright colours, outlined in shiny chrome, housed behemoth […]

  • A Tale of Two Cities – the Skyscraper and the Suburb

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in Oak Park Oak Park, Illinois is known throughout the world for its revolutionary architecture that defined the American suburb.  From his Oak Park studio on Chicago Avenue, Frank Lloyd Wright and his entourage created the suburban home format on a basic grid-iron layout of streets; they developed an entirely new […]

  • The Running of the Lions in Chicago

    Ernest Hemmingway came from Oak Park; he wrote about the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. I’m wondering about the running of the lions in Chicago…. Here, we have the Lion of the Art Institute of Chicago, guarding the main entrance on Michigan Avenue, Facing Adams Street… And here, we have a lion crafted […]

  • Saturday, in the Park…

    Years ago, the Chicago-born rock group “Chicago” had a sit single “Saturday, in the Park”.  It described what was seemingly an idyllic weekend day in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.  These kinds of days happen all the time in Chicago, witness this last weekend. Cloud Gate, otherwise known as ‘The Bean” Friends from Toronto called the night […]

  • A River Runs Through It, and the Malibu Supper Club

    I used to fly out of Gallatin Field in Belgrade, Montana quite a bit as a student.  During my terms of office with the American Institute of Architecture Students, Gallatin Field became a regular point of departure / point of entry for trips to the east coast and other points.  My alma mater, Montana State […]

  • More Walls Talking – Vacant Storefronts

    The current economic doldrums have brought out all sorts of vacant storefronts – not just a tell tale of the economy, but a fascinating take on urban anthropology. At first glance, they would indicate that the economy is down, that the activity that previously existed at that location fell victim to a recession.  Any retail […]

  • Roadside Oddities in Central Illinois

    There is a certain stretch of Interstate 55 leading out of Chicago that is simply a nasty stretch of road, everyone drives like madmen.  Before the television show made the term famous.  And there’s lots of them.  A peaceful way to avoid this is to take Old Route 66, this stretch being identified as Illinois […]

  • Cars with Lots of Real Estate

    A friend wrote in reply of my 4 July 2009 post “Big People. Little Cars. Tiny Houses. The Scale of our Neighbourhoods”, which spoke of our neighbourhoods being sized around our mode of personal transportation which, in modern day North America, tends to be our cars.  To quote Alex:                 “There are a couple of […]

  • Traditional Media vs Social Media, and it’s Similarity to Urban vs Suburban Design

    The recent passing of Walter Cronkite and the commemoration of the Apollo 11 lunar landing spawned much commentary about how as a culture, we’ve lost not just trusted voice and a collective goal, even the ability to dream. There are many indicators supporting this notion, even some directly related to the design of our cities. […]