Month: June 2009

  • Land Development Strategy on Autopilot

    First we shape our buildings, and then they shape us”                  Sir Winston Churchill  “Motion is the aesthetic of modern man”                  Clifford Wiens Maybe it was driving through a crowded parking lot, looking for a parking space.  In amidst the row of SUV’s there appeared to be an empty space, only to come upon […]

  • The “Architect – Comedian” as the next new comic sensation

    At a farewell party last night, one fellow picked a conversation topic started expounding on “lawyer-comedians”. Now, I can count lawyers as being among my best of friends, however:  a “lawyer – comedian” sounded as oxymoronic as would an “architect-comedian”.  I somehow doubt if anyone could find comedy in issuing a change order or an […]

  • Sustainability and recent wood technology

    It was fascinating to see a recent proposal for the Sears Tower to include all glass ‘look out pods” – a cantilevered glass structure of nothing but glass on five sides including the floor and all supporting structure.  No apparent supporting structure – or at least what we would think to be supporting structure, like […]

  • The Illinois Saint Andrew Society Highland Games British Car Show

    The good hostess favours of rain ponchos the evening previous was an omen indeed.  Unprecedented 70 mph winds and heavy downpour rains swept through the area.  Upon checking email at 430 on Saturday morning, a note read “.. the Games will go on..” Just a wee bit of the 7000 pounds of this 1953 Bentley […]

  • The Burnham Plan Centennial Opening Events Reception

    A reception and concert was held on Friday, June 19 in Chicago to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Burnham Plan for the City of Chicago.  These events coincided with the opening of two Millennium Park pavilions that capture the essence of the Burnham Plan of 1909, and marked the start of an entire season […]

  • Scottish Motor Club Oak Park Avenue British Car Show

    The Scottish Motor Club is comprised of Illinois Saint Andrew Society members who own classic British cars and look for excuses to get them out of the garage now again.  In doing so, we promote the Society, its goals and its programs.  I chair this group.  Our major event is the Highland Games British Car […]

  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Seminar

    At the invitation of the Ontario government trade representative to Chicago, I attended the Scientific Research and Experimental Tax (SR&ED) seminar last Friday, June 12.  It was held at the Mid-America Club, on top of the Amoco Building / Aon Center / Standard Oil Tower / whatever that building is known as these days. The […]

  • Canada, as a Presentation and as a Networking Organization

    Friday, 5 June 2009 A few weeks ago, I was approached by a relocation service to make a presentation describing Canadian history, government and culture to a family moving to Canada.  While I do many public speaking engagements throughout the year, this was the first time I had been invited to speak on this topic.  […]

  • Forecasting Global Economic Strategy, Understanding Urban Planning and the 1977 Mini Clubman Estate

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009 While I’ve been avoiding the temptation, the removal of General Motors from the Dow Jones Index may provide a good reason to describe my own car, to draw parallels to the direction of this economy, and to the future of urban planning, of all things. Both General Motors and Citi Group […]