Month: November 2009

  • Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off in November

    It seemed like a simple enough request – appear with my daughter on a float in the North Michigan Avenue “Festival of Lights Parade”.  North Michigan Avenue is the most exclusive shopping district in Chicago and to start the Christmas holiday shopping season, they have a large night time parade – bathed profusely in brilliant […]

  • The Shrinking City

    A recent presentation by the President of CEO’s for Cities to the Association of Architecture Organizations spoke of major trends affecting cities, and described scenarios for growing – and shrinking – cities.  The concept of shrinking cities struck a particular note.  Anyone familiar with the United States will immediately think of Detroit or a variety […]

  • Tall Buildings Fall Short

    A recent news report from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat cites fifty major, tall building projects worldwide that have been halted by a global economic downturn. Last Friday, the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s “Chicago Model City” exhibit temporarily included the scale model of Santiago Calatrava’s “Spire” condominium project, the real one being on […]

  • The Historically Significant Sofa

    Normally, I’d say “chesterfield”, but in order to make some sense for my American friends… During a meeting this morning at the Cliff Dwellers Club in Chicago, I remembered to bring my camera with.  Finally, I have a photo of the  Historically Significant Sofa: Louis Sullivan Slept Here  Towards the end of his career, Louis Sullivan […]

  • It’s Biggar than LinkedIn

    Suddenly, my interest in the abandoned railway roundhouse in Hanna, Alberta and electronic social media meet.  Kind of. I’m helping the effort to restore the Hanna Roundhouse by donating a slideshow exhibit production describing the history roundhouses.  It’s all being produced through a part of my practice called Babuk Presentations, or for the 21st Century, […]

  • A Mini that needs someone else to love…

    Parting ways can be very hard, especially for a car like my Mini.  But it’s time.  I need to let go of it and find someone new to give it some loving.  Affectionately kept, it’s a 1977 “R” registration (with British plates) Mini Clubman Estate.  The serial badge says that it was made by Austin-Morris.  […]