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Luncheon with the Consul General of Spain

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Javier Rupérez, Consul General of Spain

Javier Rupérez, Consul General of Spain

The lunch talk by Javier Ruperez, Consul General of Spain was fascinating – it was a very Spanish view of North America, that Spain was the founding country of the Americas, a viewpoint not necessarily heard in Anglophile circles like mine. Mr. Ruperez has represented Spain in the United States in varying capacities for about ten years – he was the Ambassador, and was also the United Nations Assistant Secretary General.  It was a small group, maybe 30 or so, including the Consul generals of Uruguay, Serbia and a couple others I didn’t catch.  There were a bunch of other people who worked in areas with international twists – business and legal translators, curators of museums and immigration attorneys. The talk was followed by a stand-up lunch of “Mediterranean” food, from the cafe Turquoise – lots of couscous and baklava.  I don’t recall seeing many grape leaves, but they would be difficult to deal with in a stand up lunch setting.

This event was hosted by the Niagara Foundation. Though I don’t know much of it, The Niagara Foundation has many Turkish roots, it was established to promote international, cultural and religious understanding.  Although its initial bequeath was from a Turkish Muslim, I had a long conversation with a member of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago – he said that he was a regular attendee and found their programs to be excellent.  This is their website:

They have many programs, including lunch speakers and breakfast conversations.  Find a topic that may be of interest, I highly recommend attending.  Fascinating people, interesting conversation.

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