The “Architect – Comedian” as the next new comic sensation

At a farewell party last night, one fellow picked a conversation topic started expounding on “lawyer-comedians”.

Now, I can count lawyers as being among my best of friends, however:  a “lawyer – comedian” sounded as oxymoronic as would an “architect-comedian”.  I somehow doubt if anyone could find comedy in issuing a change order or an Expression of Interest document.

Thinking of it, until very lately, the only architects ever depicted on prime time television programs were the likes of Mr. Brady of “The Brady Bunch”, or the owner of “Mr. Ed – the Talking Horse” – all these characters being rather contrived.  For television, the images of lawyers have been dressed up by inserting a bit of drama into their daily routines – a procedural time out while appealing a stay of execution, for example.  We architects could never inject excitement into a Contemplated Change Notice addressing plastic laminate countertop surfaces. 

The only group less likely than “lawyer – comedians” or architect – comedians” may be an “accountant – comedian”, perhaps developing comedy in changing the standard office ledger paper from six column to five.  A cost effective move, no doubt.

Fortunately, we found a more entertaining conversation topic that involved commenting on wine from Ontario vineyards.