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Two National Holidays, One Week – The Babuk Report

Two National Holidays, One Week

What could be more cumbersome to get things done and to maintain a schedule than two national holidays – one mid week, one on a weekend – in the same week? 

Independence Day celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, signaling the creation of the United States of America. It happens on July 4.  Many towns, like Chicago, have their giant fireworks displays the night before, on July 3.  July 4 is a Saturday this year; I guess that everyone is observing their day off from work on Friday, July 3 – no?

Dominion Day (or more recently, Canada Day) celebrates Queen Victoria signing the British North America Act and creating Canada. It occurs on July 1.  Knowing that this somewhat British element had to compete with mammoth American celebrations on July 4, the thought was to try to upstage this all by having the Canadian celebration a couple days earlier.

Dominion Day is Wednesday this year.  I guess that people are putting their unused vacation days and comp time towards Monday and Tuesday, not being able to wait to enjoy time off in sunshine – ?  Maybe it’s just convenient to take the whole week off. 

Who knows? It’s challenging to schedule anything this week.