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The Abandoned Railway Roundhouse in Hanna, Alberta – The Babuk Report

The Abandoned Railway Roundhouse in Hanna, Alberta

This blog has written at length about early industrial age buildings that go up and down, and turn round, and do all sorts of neat things.  One of those buildings from my youth is the abandoned railway roundhouse in Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

Great Northern Railway Roundhouse, Hanna, Alberta
Abandoned Railway Roundhouse, Hanna, Alberta, used as a set for Nickelback’s “Photograph” Video

For years, this building sat empty.  A group of concerned townspeople are putting together a not-for-profit organization to raise funds and to restore this Roundhouse back to its glory.

The Aviva Community Fund is holding a contest to award funding for community projects, the Hanna Roundhouse Project is one of those.  This is a note from Laurie Armstrong, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for the Town of Hanna, encourage people to vote for this project, with a link to vote for this project:


A project has been submitted to the Aviva Community Fund in the hopes that it will receive $250,000.  There are three rounds of voting with only 4 days left in round one.  The projects with the most votes and comments make it to the semi finals.  Please vote and leave a comment for the Hanna Roundhouse Restoration Project!

Don’t forget to go back and vote EVERY DAY!


This may be the last roundhouse left on the Canadian Prairies.  As they say in Chicago, “Vote Early and Vote Often” !



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