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The Babuk Report

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Darrel Babuk, Self Portrait.  Cloud Gate, Millenium Park, with Chicago as a backdrop...
Darrel Babuk, Self Portrait. Cloud Gate, Millenium Park, with Chicago as a backdrop…

Like it or not, we’re shaped by culture, and culture is shaped by environment, manmade or otherwise.

We’ve become a mechanized world. Much of how we see our environment, how we experience our environment and even, how we’ve come to structure our environment is tempered by transportation, or in a more pure form, motion.  We are truly a people in motion.

On the flipside, we shape our environment, that same environment that is going to shape us.  Those inventions that man has produced that bring us from Point A to Point B – physically or otherwise – have grown on us. Our dependence on transportation has grown to a point where this many people living on this planet would be hard pressed to so without transportation, or motion of some sort.  Some might even go so far as to claim that our transportation devices have become so integral to our being, that they are like an outfit of clothing.

That juncture between architecture, urban design and transportation is what The Babuk Report at www.babuk.com  is all about.  As well as a couple of other events now and again.

We discuss architecture, but not in a traditional ‘brickbats and bouquets’ type of architectural review format. We look at how we relate to architecture, and how our buildings relate to us.  We identify and evaluate emerging trends, based on how society chose – and worked with – trends in the past. We take a driver’s seat vantage point look at the environment, to ask where are we going?

There are many blogs, they come and go.  This however, is an e-newsletter.  New feature stories are posted to this website frequently.  Some of these stories were regular features in The Babuk Report of Chicagoland’s MetroCommuter Magazine, which was a print publication distributed at rapid transit and commuter train stations throughout the Chicago region.  Until this e-news and downfall of the print media thing happened.

So, don’t just sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. Read on, and engage in some critical thinking….