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  • The Hanna Roundhouse, and Memories from One’s Past

    Many years ago, having just arrived in Washington, DC for my tenure but realizing that I was a long ways from home; an issue of the Minnesota Architect crossed my desk.  The feature story was a photo essay about wooden grain elevators; the front cover photograph was of the “nine in a line” grain elevators […]

  • A Mini meets a really big Cadillac

    Harlem and Divison Auto Repair in Oak Park looks after my Mini.  Bob, John & staff take good care of it for me.  They work on all kinds of cars, people seem to bring their “unique” cars there for service. In taking my Mini to Harlem and Division the other day, it was noted that while I […]

  • The Abandoned Railway Roundhouse in Hanna, Alberta

    This blog has written at length about early industrial age buildings that go up and down, and turn round, and do all sorts of neat things.  One of those buildings from my youth is the abandoned railway roundhouse in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. Abandoned Railway Roundhouse, Hanna, Alberta, used as a set for Nickelback’s “Photograph” Video For years, […]

  • One Last Burnham Reception

    The Centennial of the Chicago Plan of 1909 – the Burnham Plan – provided for a season of great networking this year.  One of the last Burnham events – a reception to honour the entrants of the Burnham Memorial Competition was held last night at the Field Museum.  Nice group, but didn’t have the previous […]

  • Convenient Access by Car

    While early industrialists had grand visions of mechanized buildings and cities that walked, many of those ideas were whimsical at face value.  Mind you, when applied as small parts, they were very useful – like the passenger elevator.  One of those side concepts probably came to be applied to personal transportation – the automobile – […]

  • Burnham Plan of Chicago, and the Future of the American Metropolis

    This is the last week for the Burnham Pavilions on display at Millennium Park in Chicago.  They were meant as temporary exhibits and with the coming onslaught of a Chicago winter, it’s probably time.  The Burnham Pavilions (see previous posts) were constructed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Chicago Plan of 1909, sometimes referred […]

  • Everyone wants to be called an Architect

    A recent television news series spoke of development of a new electric automobile.  It appeared odd that the person interviewed wore the title of “Product Development Architect”.  Many in the software industry also wear titles denoting some sort of “architect”, though they’ve never been exposed to issues dealing with public well being, building envelope issues, […]

  • It’s Autumn

    Glowing Trees Waking up on an overcast morning, the multi-hued tree leaves were irredescent.  They glowed, and spilt a dazzling display of colour into a darkened interior space.

  • If Buildings Could Walk…

    A previous post described “if walls could talk”, but what about if buildings could walk? It’s not that far fetched an idea.  Taking cues from the railroad industry, it wasn’t uncommon at the turn of the 20th century to find fixed structures – buildings – with large moving parts.  Bridges were prime examples.  It took […]

  • A Change in the Weather…

    Last year at this time, the weather in Chicago seemed practically like summer.  It gave rise to theories of global warming. But it was absolutely beautiful weather. This year, it has come to be very chilly, very suddenly.  No global warming this year. Take this year’s Columbus Day Parade – which actually celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving, […]

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